Lightweight Solid Replacement Conservatory Roof

badmin   11th September 2016   Comments Off on Lightweight Solid Replacement Conservatory Roof

A lightweight tiled conservatory roof will convert your conservatory into an all year round home extension, but at a fraction of the price and without the need to replace the entire structure!

Having a lightweight solid roof replacement is a quick and easy way of radically changing your home. You retain the benefits of a room with a high percentage of energy efficient glazing, so it stays bright and open, but with the benefits of a solid roof and plastered ceiling.

A solid roof means less direct sunlight coming down into the conservatory, which on really warm days can be quite substantial – so you can enjoy areas of shade. Another plus is the solid roof is made up of several layers, including a plastered ceiling, so you get additional heat retention when compared with glazing alone. Basically a win-win situation!


We can provide a number of styles and colours to complement your existing roof tiles…

If you don’t have a conservatory already, then a solid roof might be the right choice for you right from the word go. In which case we can factor this in when you choose your conservatory.


As well as becoming a brand new extension to your home, you can also make the most of having a proper ceiling in your conservatory, by having fitted or embedded lights and highlight key areas in the room with individual spot lights. Replacement solid roofs really are a great new way to make the most of your conservatory.

Would you like more information about having this conversion done? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll happily fill you in…