New Wave Doors – The Next Step in Bi Fold Doors

badmin   11th September 2016   Comments Off on New Wave Doors – The Next Step in Bi Fold Doors


New Wave Doors™are a new and amazing new way of fabricating and installing multi-pane patio doors. Originally developed in the United States, the tech. team at New Wave Doors spent over 18 months developing a new system that is quite unique in patio door systems. The New Wave Door solves the issues of bi-fold systems which can be difficult to construct, transport and install. The solution was quite simple in the end – don’t connect the doors!

Each door with New Wave moves and locates independently. This gives you the option of opening the door in any position and use any door as a true partition.

There is virtually no visible hardware too, which makes them a strikingly beautiful patio door with the clean and neat lines. New Wave use patented Magnaline™ technology concealing the operational hardware aspects of the door in the top and bottom tracks. The doors glide effortlessly and the living and patio space remains un-affected when the door is opening or closing. UK manufacture first began in Bristol, but has grown quickly due to popularity with installers and end customers alike.

This system is simple to fabricate, installation is much less of a chore and we currently have them available in beautifully sculptured uPVC or high quality Aluminium.

Interested in this new and innovative technology? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll bring you up to speed…