Stay Cool in the Summer!

badmin   11th September 2016   Comments Off on Stay Cool in the Summer!

Don’t overhear in your conservatory…

Sometimes, you may find that your conservatory or orangery can become uncomfortably warm on the hottest of summer days. You may be tempted to retreat back into the house, or opt for the shade of a tree. But there are several practical measures you can take to remedy this issue.

You might like to create additional shade outside your conservatory by erecting tensile fabric sails, or disperse the light before it hits your home by growing trees or large shrubs in your garden. A more direct approach is to have your existing glazing material replaced with solar control varieties, retro-fit solar film or fit reflective blinds inside the conservatory.


New technologies mean that window blinds have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years. For instance, EnergySmart conservatory blinds look very much like classic pleated blinds, but look closer and you’ll see some clever design features. Rather than one layer of fabric, they consist of a double layered cellular composite. As well as reducing heat they feature impressive sound absorbing properties, making your conservatory cooler and quieter for a truly peaceful environment.

Another option is to fit sturdy plantation style shutters to some or all of your conservatory windows. These will protect from excessive heat and glare and provide noise reduction, and will offer additional insulation during the colder winter months too.

Also, please do remember to make sure your pets aren’t locked in anywhere warm during the summer months – your conservatory is all the warmer for furry family members, even with the windows open – RSPCA advice.

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