Stay safe and warm with modern glazing security


Most people are aware that double glazed windows and doors are a great way of battling increased heating bills and reducing outside noise, but did you also know that modern glazing has much better security too?

Modern construction materials provide a sturdier deterrent when unsavoury characters are considering popping in to visit uninvited. Design methods in new doors and windows really do add to the strength and safety of your home.

Espagnolette or ‘multiple locking points’…


Modern windows incorporate espagnolette locking devices, as you can see from the photo above. Multiple locking points around the perimeter of the opening mean that leverage is spread across the whole frame.

The frames are cleverly designed so that they are operated via a single lockable handle. Because the operating handle can’t be overcome without damaging the window, this type of mechanism offers much greater resistance than devices with single locking points.

Home safety ‘hinges’ on your windows…


The pun above is intended, as one weak point in any window design can be the hinges. In modern windows, suppliers will favour the scissor-hinge, dog-bolt or hinge-claw. Any of these systems will provide added strength, rigidity and security.

Snug (and safe) as a bug in a rug…


The days of putty holding glass in place have thankfully long since departed! The glazing in modern replacement windows is supported in a number of ways to ensure that there are no gaps or easily leveraged openings.

Generally speaking, most modern double or triple glazing is going to be solid and secure, but for those who are looking to be even more security conscious it is possible to source laminate glazing, incorporating polycarbonate interlayers for added protection.

Whatever your needs when it comes to staying safe and warm this Christmas, justĀ give us a call or send us an email …we’re always happy to help!