Tree Surgery and Stump Removal

Regular tree maintenance…


The last thing that people expect, and most definitely the last thing they need is a tree re-arranging their brand new conservatory!
Regular tree maintenance is crucial to keeping things safe, both in terms of your home and in the garden in general. Smaller trees may be easy enough to tackle for the average home owner, with judicious use of long reach pruning shears and careful ladder work. But maintenance of larger trees is probably best left to the experts.

When your new extension or conservatory is in place, it’s a good idea to ensure that there are no overhanging branches, partly because branches can break, but also because falling leaves can stick to the glass and begin to mould. With the best will in the World, you may well get some leaf fall on your glass roof – maybe from next door or further afield, but technology can come to the rescue here; for example Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass can keep the worst off, and reduce the time spent keeping things clean.

Some trees can be trickier than others…


Before and after having any kind of home extension, trees can be a major consideration. Although trees grow slowly, their roots can cause damage to home and extension foundations, as they search for water and nutrients.

Tackling stumps…


You may have an old tree root within the bounds of your planned extension. If this is the case, the solution is usually fairly simple… a device called a stump grinder is brought in, to literally grind (pulp) the remaining tree root, and then herbicides are applied to prevent any future growth.

Get the specialists in…


If you think a tree poses a danger to your home, it’s best to get a tree surgeon in for an expert opinion. Quite often trees simply need cutting back or shaping to make them safe, but weak roots or proximity to buildings can mean they are more of risk that you might imagine, especially in high winds and in wet weather, where the soil becomes soft and damp.


f you’re not sure who to speak to, then give us a call or send us an email – we deal with these issues on a regular basis and can point you in the right direction.