Summer Garden Plants & Flowers

Top 5 easy grow flowers for your Garden


Making your garden look beautiful can be straightforward…
Looked over your neighbours fence, only to be greeted by a table smooth lawn and sprays of floral colour in every corner? Well you can have that too, and with less work than you might imagine! As soon as you’ve mowed, strimmed and rolled your lawn it’s time to introduce some low maintenance colour…

1. Sunflowers
There’s nothing more radiant than a tall sunflower – it just screams ‘summer’, and they’re not that difficult to cultivate. Just pop the seeds directly into the soil in a sunny but reasonably wind-free area of the garden. Give the plant a bit of support, but not too tightly as a bit of sway back and forth can help make the stalk that bit sturdier.


2. Fuchsias


You can obtain many plants as ‘plugs’ and fuschias can come this way… this cuts out growing from seeds. These plants fair well in most sunny locations, and can be placed high-up in baskets or containers for eye level displays. They come in a number of varieties and colours and are one of the most radiant and colourful of domestic flowers.


3. Eschscholzia or “California Poppy” 

California Poppy

Considering how light and delicate these flowers are, you may be suprised to know that they’re very hardy… they can survive without water and in pretty poor soil too. All you have to do is literally scatter the seed and watch them grow. As an added bonus, they’ll pop back up the following year too, and for several years to come. It doesn’t get much easier than this!


4. Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

The first thing people notice about Sweet Peas is generally their wonderful aroma. Not only do they give a wonderful splash of colour to any garden, but they are quick to grow and if you prune them to take into the house, even more will grow in their place. You can again ‘cheat’ and buy these as plugs that you can simply transplant into your garden, however the large seeds are pretty easy to sow. They’ll need plenty of water, and like sunflowers, they’ll probably need a bit of support too. Watch out for creepy crawlies in the early stages of growth, as they’ll munch right through younger plants.


5. Rock Rose

Rock Rose

This bright, dainty flower is another low maintenance wonder! These hardy plants can handle drought exceptionally well, producing lovely flowers right through the summer. Available in a range of colours; pink, purple, white and lavender, some varieties can grow up to 5ft tall as they sway in the breeze creating colour and movement in your garden. All this plant needs is full sun and almost any type of free-draining soil. Give them a good watering in their first season and you’ll never need to bother from then on…


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