Bi-Folds – Bringing the Garden Indoors

Making the garden part of your home…

Folding Sliding Doors

Making the most of your property

We’ve talked about the benefits of bi-folding doors before in our blog, but largely focusing on the practicality, efficiency and safety. There are of course other advantages to having folding sliding doors fitted to your home or your existing glazed extension.


1. More living space…

Garden decking

When weather permits, there’s nothing like sitting out in the garden with a cool drink or a cup of tea, listening to the radio or reading the paper. With folding doors, a decked or paved area just becomes an open-air extension to your lounge, dining-room or kitchen. Carrying food or larger objects out onto your patio or into the garden becomes a breeze, and there are far fewer incidents where pets, children or footballs bump the glass.


2. Relaxing and unwinding…

Water Features in the Garden

The aroma of flowers and grass, coupled with bird song can take your mind off the worries of the World. Opening up an entire wall on your home to reveal a slice of nature might reduce your blood pressure and calm your nerves on those tricky days! A burbling water feature in the garden can also help calm a ragged soul – just close your eyes and pretend you’re sat next to a babbling brook in the middle of the countryside for 10 minutes a day, and you should feel the benefits within no time at all.


3. Bringing the wildlife to you…¬†

Squirrel in Garden

Looking at your garden through glass is undoubtedly gratifying, but without a glazed barrier you’ll benefit from 100% of the sights, sounds and smells. British gardens have a host of wild creatures within them, from bugs to butterflies and snails to squirrels. A bird feeder or a platform for squirrels can bring these wonderful animals up-close and personal, and if you’re only a few feet away it’s a far more engrossing experience.


4. Joining your family outdoors…

Dog in Garden

Sending your children or pets out into the garden can give you the space you need to get on with your daily chores, but you might be wondering what they’re up to out there… especially if they’ve gone suspiciously quiet(!) With folding sliding doors, you can see all there is to see and keep a good eye on your precious children and fur babies.

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