Easter Activities

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This article is dedicated to all the hard working families looking for things to do over the Easter break…

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

One popular activity over the Easter weekend is to set-up an egg hunt. This can be fun for kids of all ages – simply tailor the challenge to suit. Here are the basics and some fun suggestions;

· Firstly, not everyone likes chocolate, and some kids may have dietary issues. So make sure there’s something for everyone.

· Specify an area where the hunt can take place, both in terms of safety and range. You don’t want kids climing onto the roof thinking you’re just being ‘extra sneaky’, or wandering out of the garden onto the road in search of treasure.

· Try labelling the eggs with different numbers or colours. This means you can place eggs in easy places for toddlers, and in more imaginative or challenging places for older kids and teenagers. It can also give older kids the chance to help out the younger ones too. Maybe different colours for different teams?

· Sticking letters or jigsaw pieces to each egg can make for more fun after all the eggs have been found, with additional prizes for those who solve the anagrams, clues or puzzles.

· You could also strap written clues to each egg, indicating where another egg might be found.

· For the younger kids, you could lay down ‘breadcrumbs’ for them to follow… maybe some fake rabbit footprints or a little bit of rabbit hair, or empty wrappers indicating where the rabbit went next. Do be sure to secure anything from blowing away so it can be safely collected and disposed of.

TOP TIP: Make sure YOU remember where the eggs are… there’s nothing worse than the kids getting an odd number of eggs, or spotting a mouldy old egg in the gutter in mid-winter.

Egg Painting


Carrying on with things egg-based, another fun and highly creative activity is egg painting. These can either be real eggs, or maybe some papier-mâché ones as an extra challenge?

There are so many great designs you can create that the sky literally is the limit. You can use poster paint, food dye, permanent markers – basically anything that will leave a permanent mark on your eggy surface. Half the fun is experimenting with new ideas.

TOP TIP: If you’re using real eggs it’s a good idea to get rid of the contents first. This can be done quite simply; get a bowl, carefully make a small hole in one end of the egg using several gentle prods with a needle or very sharp knife. Turn the egg over and make a similar hole at the other end. Now cup your lips over the upper hole and blow gently. This will force the contents of the egg into the bowl. This can get quite messy, so be sure to wear old or protective clothing and cover any delicate surfaces.

NOTE: Given that needles and sharp knives are involved, adult supervision is essential and you may prefer to do all the sharp pointy stuff yourself and just let the kids do the messy parts and the decorating.

Here’s a great round-up of some simple and some quite adventurous ideas to give you additional inspiration – just make sure you use plenty of newspaper and old clothes!

Organised Activities


Bored with eggs, or fancy a trip out instead?

Aside from home-made entertainment, there’s a whole host of fun things to do in and around the Chester area. Here’s a list of great acitivies in Cheshire and the surrounding counties during the half-term break.

If you’re not sure who to speak to, then give us a call or send us an email – we can provide more information.