Replacement Tiled Roof

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Icotherm’s range of conservatory roof replacement solutions are designed using premium C24 timber. The roofs are highly insulated to transform your conservatory into a space that can be used all year-round. Our integrated ventilation prevents condensation, and all our conservatory roof replacement solutions are building control compliant, providing you with the reassurance you need.

Icotherm solid roofs with lightweight tiles are a practical, efficient and aesthetically pleasing option when selecting a conservatory roof replacement, or putting up a new single-storey extension.

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+ Thermally Efficient – use your room all year-round thanks to the highly insulated roof.
+ Customisable – choices of shapes, styles, finishes, lighting and roof windows types.
+ Eco-friendly – sustainably sourced timber (FSC certified) and recyclable insulation for a reassuring green option.
+ 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty Guarantee

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We can fit any shape, with or without a VELUX® Our Most popular roof style, initially designed as a replacement roof. Select the Icoroof for impeccable conservatory transformations whilst keeping a traditional feel. Icotherm features clever ventilation which prevents any risk of condensation and stops the build-up of damp within the roof. We cater for any size, any shape or even fully bespoke, with a wide-ranging pitch and a choice of Icotile (shingle) or Icoslate. Icoroof uses fully recyclable 155mm EPS insulation and FSC certified timber.

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Icoview is a modern take for added natural light, with a contemporary version of our time tested Icoroof, incorporating full height glass panels for a modern appearance, bringing light to your new room. Icoview is ventilated, has a unique inline design for a pleasing appearance, features aluminium top caps with single, double or triple pods, and is suitable for any Icoroof with squared panels.