Safeguard Composite Door

We are delighted to offer Safeguard Composite Doors

Teaming up with Safeguard was an obvious choice. They are one of the UK’s leading brands of residential doors, only use top componentry and are one of the sturdiest, most thermally efficient doors you can buy today.

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Every SafeGuard GRP composite door is manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure it is strong, durable and secure. They have sold over four million doors to date, evidence of the quality and exacting specification we demand.

Door Construction

The door has a perimeter sub-frame of a solid, water-resistant polymer material, which is reinforced with Laminated Veneered Lumber (LVL). A thermoset GRP skin is bonded to this sub-frame and the core of the door is then filled with high density, 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam. Water-resistant polymer composite rails protect the core from damage or water absorption, and the high impact resistant thermoset GRP skin keeps your door looking great for longer!

The door’s core is what makes it so thermally efficient and so good at reducing sound. In fact, it is the most thermally efficient door on the market, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money on your energy bills.

ULTION Guarantee

Should a burglary take place within 5 years from the date of installation and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock, Ultion will pay you £2,000. Activation can be completed within 28 days of installation.


Why choose a Safeguard door?

Unparalleled Security
Thanks to its rigid polymer subframe, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant GRP skin and high quality multi-point locks.

Low Maintenance
Everything about our GRP composite doors are designed to be easy to maintain, including the triple glazed options insulated glass unit which encapsulates the delicate decorative glazing between two panes of clear glass, protecting it and making it easy to keep clean.

Stunning Aesthetic
Symmetry and balance are key elements, as we want you to look at your door and feel it is perfect in every way. The wood grain finish was developed from oak tree grain, creating a beautifully authentic appearance.

Superb Sound Insulation
Weighted noise reduction of 31 decibels. It means you can be sure your new door will keep outside noise to a minimum, helping to make your home the haven you want it to be.

Excellent Weatherproofing
Water-resistant polymer composite rails that protect its core. This means it won’t suffer from water absorption, which can lead to skin de-lamination and cause functional problems that lesser products have. Your door will keep the weather at bay and stay looking good for longer.

Impressive Colour Range

For a full run-down of why Safeguard are a great choice, you can check out their current brochure here.