Patio Sliding Doors Overview

Sliding doors add style and wide open access between your home and your garden, making socializing and entertaining more pleasurable, and sliding doors are manufactured to the highest standard and are the most technically advanced systems on the market. Our products are also fitted with complementary door furniture in a choice of contemporary and traditional finishes.

Configuration & Low Threshold

Sliding Doors can make the most of your available space and give your home a unique and attractive feature. uPVC, Aluminum and Timber Doors have an option of an aluminum low threshold, to avoid tripping and provide easy disabled access. This is ideal if you want a level transition between two internal rooms or to create a seamless view from inside to outside. There are also a number of options when it comes to the configuration of your sliding door;

patio configurations

Hardware Options

Our sliding patio door are a bottom running aluminium sliding door system, The operating mechanism consists of a double tandem, stainless steel sealed bearing bottom-running carriage capped with polyamide preventing any wear to the track, This heavy-duty system guarantees smooth, effortless operation with long life and reliable performance. Depending on a maximum panel weight limit of 250-280kg, our aluminium glass sliding door can be manufactured up to 3000mm tall. Panels can be fixed or sliding, you can even have an extended track running parallel behind a wall or fixed screen so that panels slide completely out of sight. Additional fixed panels can be ‘planted-on’ to both ends if required so widths of up to 20 metres can be accommodated. It is even possible to open up corners completely with a sliding corner post. The system offers a very high level of security it is designed with an anti-lifting device, preventing the removal of individual panels. With a full thermally broken aluminium reinforced interlock between each of the panels it is impossible to lever them apart.

Triple Track

Heavy-duty thermally broken aluminium sliding door system that can provide many alternative solutions to any project. Its tensile strength enables extra large glass panels to slide effortlessly, maximising glass areas to provide uninterrupted framed views with minimal sightlines. It is possible to specify which of the panels are to be fixed – where other panels can slide behind, or to have all panels sliding, or additionally fixed plant-on panels where all panels can slide behind if required. There is the option of an extended track, running parallel behind a wall, fixed screen or into a cavity, so that the panels slide completely out of sight, providing 100% clear opening. It is now even possible to have the ability to open up corners completely, with a moveable post. Our system is available as a twin 99mm front to back or triple track 155mm option. Both tracks incorporate drainage channels and depending on the type of external floor finish can be recessed into the ground to give a virtually level threshold. Our range of Sliding Doors are the most technically advanced systems on the market. Sliding Doors give your home that very special contemporary feel making the most of your space in the most innovative way.